Wednesday, June 24, 2009

100 Things To Sell Online

Let me touch on the obvious before diving into the full list. Maybe you have a bright, new, exciting idea that the world has never seen before. If this is the case, research your idea, find your market, and go for it! There is nothing like having a wonderful and unique idea, putting it on the back burner for months, and then finding out later that someone else thought of it too, but actually took the steps necessary to get it out there. Don’t live with regrets. Go, do, SELL!

We’ll spit the list into a couple different sections. Take this list, print it out, and add your own ideas. I’m currently being climbed by a two year old, so if you can find some quite time, I’m sure you’ll be able to pump out more ideas. This is just a starting place!

Some of these products and services will require some skill. Please do not e-mail me that you cannot provide psychic services because you are not a psychic. Just consider your personal list 99 items and move on. Some others may require you to do business with drop shippers. We do not currently recommend any dropshippers, please do your own research before making your choice.

Drop Ship Products:

1. DVD’s

2. Music and/or CD’s

3. Electronics

4. Cameras and/or Camera Equipment

5. Baby Clothes

6. Adult Clothing

7. Baby Products

8. Medical Supplies

9. New Books

10. Tupperware

11. Computer Software

12. Garden Products

13. Household Products

14. Perfume and/or Make-up

15. Cell Phones & Equipment

16. Candles

17. Shoes

18. Adult Novelties

19. Board Games

20. Car Maintenance and Repair Items

Homemade Products

21. Baby Slings

22. Cart Covers

23. Unique Baby Clothes

24. Candles (yes, homemade!)

25. Soaps

26. Beauty Products

27. Lotions

28. Jewelry

29. Stuffed Dolls

30. Ceramic Dolls

31. Any unique handmade craft

32. Cookies, Cakes, or Food

33. Unique Recipes

34. Poems

35. Wooden Letters

36. Door Hangers

37. Christmas and/or Other Holiday Crafts

38. Sand Art

39. Honey (What? Maybe you want to become a bee keeper?)

40. Used items around your house

Services (local and long distance)

41. Maid Service

42. Errand Running

43. In-Home Make-Up Artist

44. Hair Stylist

45. Photographer

46. Psychic

47. Online or In-Person Tutor

48. Resume Writing

49. Letters from… (Santa, Easter Bunny, etc.)

50. Telephone Entertainment (Adult, or otherwise)

51. Telephone Personal Counseling (Please be certified, and not certifiable!)

52. Online or In-Person Relationship Coach

53. Life Coach

54. Personal Shopper

55. Personal Organizer

56. Personal Assistant

57. Virtual Assistant

58. Henna Artist

59. Tattoo Artist

60. Construction Services

61. Babysitting/Nanny Services

62. Doula

63. Birth Coach

64. Baby Nurse

65. Wet Nurse

66. Lactation Consultant

67. Child Birth Educator

68. Wake-Up Calls

69. Job Seeker Assistant (Help people find jobs to submit their resumes to!)

70. Online advertiser

71. Blogging Services

72. Shoe Shiner

73. Computer Repair

74. Personal Stylist

75. Interior Designer

76. Web Hosting

77. Party Planning

78. Web Design

79. Graphic Design

80. SEO Services

81. Web Site Reviewer

82. Business Plan Writer

83. Ghost Writer

84. Copywriter

85. Legal Services

86. Medical Services

87. Lawn/Gardening Services

88. Product Repair

89. Home Repair

90. Handyman/woman Services

91. Meal Cooking Service

92. Grocery Shopping Services

93. Laundry Service

94. Seamstress Services

95. Chauffer

96. Designated Driver

97. Best Friend for a Day

98. Bodyguard

99. Painter

100. Financial Advisor

Feel free to use this list as your starting point. I’m sure with a little thought, you can come up with an idea that is perfect for you!


Suga Pink Designs is always available for consultation and advice on new business ventures. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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